Tenori-On launches September 4th in the UK


The Tenori-On is a new type of instrument developed by Toshio Iwai and Yamaha Corporation.

The Tenori-On, with inventor Toshio IwaiThe Tenori-On, with inventor Toshio Iwai

The Tenori-On is a handheld device featuring a sixteen by sixteen grid of LED switches, any of which can be activated in a number of ways to create an evolving musical soundscape. It has a jog dial, LCD display, hi-quality stereo speakers, and four function switches in the frame. On the back side of the device are additional 16×16 LEDs that allow audience to see the light patterns as well. Multiple Tenori-On devices can be connected for collaborative sessions and exchanging songs.

After years of development (started in 2001), the Tenori-On will finally become commercially available. The initial product launch now will be a UK-only thing. Pixelsumo has the details on the record shops where the Tenori-On will be displayed.

At the launch event (Phonica Records, London – 4th September, 6pm), inventor Toshio Iwai will talk and answer questions on the Tenori-On. There will also be live performances by artists who were fortunate enough to test this instrument.

Check the official Tenori-On site for more information.

Link via CDM

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  • b3l0r

    i think the hardware seems like a copy of monome 40h

  • Chris

    Tenori-On was invented before Monome, its just not out yet.

    Here is the first post on Monome, before it was even called that

  • Thanks for clearing that up Chris. Both interfaces do share some similar features, and since the monome 40h received quite some news coverage lately it’s not strange to think the Tenori-On design was based on the monome.

    It seems the Tenori-On was invented in 2001 though, way before the monome was introduced I believe (in 2005?).

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