Terry West releases Take1

Terry West Take1

Terry West has released Take1 VSTi version 1.3c, a freeware soundfont player.

Take 1 features

  • Playback of sf2 Soundfont files
  • Preview keyboard
  • Midi receive channel selectable
  • Level, pan
  • Solo and mute
  • Octave up/down
  • Semitone up/down
  • Volume boost
  • ADSR controls
  • Three band equalizer
  • Double effect for widing the signal
  • P.Pan function. (pitch as pan)
  • V.Filter function. (vel. controlled filter)
  • Midi automation
  • Can load huge sf2 files (more than 200 mb)

Take1 was programmed in SynthEdit and CPU optimized. (Multilayer soundfonts are currently not supported)

Download the latest version of Take1 below. A standalone (Savihost) version is included.

Take1 v1.4 Downloads: 26497 times

Version 1.3c is still available here

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  • Parimal

    Not yet used but my friends of MOKAM have reported that it will work professionally. Let me try first.

  • soheil


  • Chlore

    really usefull if you looking for smthg original

  • elias

    Hey! I I’ve downloaded it and extracted it to the vst plugins. I think its the right way. But I dont get any sound from it.
    Any suggetstions?

  • Hi Elias, what soundfont did you load in Take1? If none, then that would be the problem ^_^

  • elias

    Well, I tried clicking on the piano keys on the plugin with default but then I also tried them all. But the same thing. I dont know.. My other plugins work normaly. Should I download it again?
    Thanks Ronnie!

  • beatman

    I noticed you didn’t mention whether you’ve loaded a SF2 file into the player?

    Ignore the following statement if you already know this: This plug-in, doesn’t make any sound on it’s own. you must load a sf2 file into
    it to get any sound! Also, it can’t play a multi-layer sf2 file. Those types of files simply won’t load. Did you load any files into the player? If so… make certain they’re not multi-layered. This plug is only good for simple (1) layer sf2 files.

  • elias

    Hi! Thanks for your replies! Well, no I havent loaded any files cos when I go to load fonts or something from the dropdpwn menu, the folder that opens is empty. There is nothing there as a soundfont or anything. There are some presets in the preset menu but they dont worke either.

    I dont know!

  • It’s a soundfont player, so in order to play any sounds you’ll need to have some soundfonts to load in Take1.

    Check these places for soundfonts:


    Make sure to get sfArk as well because you’ll probably need to unpack some of these downloads (The last link above, SoundFonts.it, has sfArk on the download page as well)

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    Ya Ali

  • Dave

    Thanks, just what I was looking for!

  • d. beigh

    I’m having problems getting it to play sound fonts using the EMu X61 USB keyboard. Is it me? Or perhaps, XP?

  • Umberto Sartori

    Your loader is just what I was looking for. Simple enough not to require a sound engeneer to operate but with some affordable possibilities to personalize sounds.
    Thank you very very much, Terry.

  • Christopher Burke

    Dear Terry, or anyone else who reads this and can help me.

    Is it possible to have more than one instance of your excellent soundfont player going at once? As you can only have one sound in it, if you want to use several sound fonts to compose your piece, it would be logical to say use several instances of the player. But I’ve tried 2 instances and the second instance wouldn’t make any noise. So I got rid of the FIRST instance, to see what the SECOND instance would do and it still wouldn’t make any noise with any of my SF2s So I got rid of that, reopened one instance, loaded in a font – and it worked perfectly again!

    Is it possible to use more than one instance at once, so I can have multiple soundfonts playing simultaneously?

    If anyone wants, they can contact me at ulrich burke at hotmail dot com about this – I’d be truly grateful!

    Yours puzzledly – I’m not good at the techie side of all this yet –


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