The life of a vending machine


Trends in Japan reports about Ryuuichi Terada of Sapporo, Hokkaido, who has been taking a picture of the same Coca-Cola vending machine nearly every day for over two years, and intensely documenting the changes.

Coca-Cola vending machineRyuuichi keeps track of what’s hot and what’s not

Sven Kilian-Nakamura writes:

While I laughed off the premise immediately, I soon became hooked. Not only does he take daily photos, but he compares the photos to the previous year and draws John Madden-worthy diagrams explaining the daily changes. The addition of new products, stickers, and marketing gimmicks are all there in clear detail.

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Ryuuichi Terada’s Flickr page also shows many other Coke machines he finds on the road.