The Loop Loft Flutes of Fire, now just $0.95 USD

The Loop Loft has announced that its Flutes of Fire sample pack is now available for $0.95 USD from $9 999.95 USD.

What was once “the most expensive loop collection in the world” can now be yours for only 95 cents. And with the additional 30% off “holiday” discount code, they become a mere 67 cents! After paying for transaction fees, we actually lose money on this deal.

You can’t put a price on true artistry, but how often have you had a chance to own the work of a living legend for under a buck?

More information: The Loop Loft

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  • The $9 999.95 USD price tag, reduced to $0.95 might be a clue.

    Here we have 9 x terrible audio files. They’re small in size as well. One or two bars of nonsense. Each ‘loop’ seems to contain various tempos. :) Call it Jazz or call it crap (like I do). If you don’t like a joke (at your own expense), don’t buy this.

    Score: 0.95/10

    I have a couple of other titles from ‘The Loop Loft’ at they are just great.

    Score: 10/10

  • The Loop Loft does some great libraries indeed.

    The flutes of fire was just a marketing gimmick, which I think worked quite well as it generated a lot of buzz when it was presented as a 10k library ;-)

  • It was a stroke of genius. Their other packs are fantastic. :)

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