Tocca-Music VSTplayer, VST host for Windows

Tocca-Music VSTplayer

Tocca-Music has released VSTplayer, a VST host application for Windows.

VSTplayer is a freeware (donationware) VSThost application for Windows. The application is mainly designed for live performance for keyboarders who want to use VST plugins on stage. The VSTplayer supports up to 4 midi keyboards. Each project file can open up to 8 VST plugins and 3 effects on each row.

VSTplayer for Windows is available as a free download. After a trial period of 15 days it will slow down on startup until you donate to obtain a personal serial number.

More information: Tocca-Music

  • Artimus5672

    This VST Player is frickn awesome fix it up so you can sell this thing yourselves or sell it to a major dealer like Roland(Cakewalk) or Yamaha(Cubase). I know personally that MOTU would want this. I use this live at gigs as is but I will complain that you guys need to make the audio engine a little more on the money so I can keep my latency down around 256 so my Delay is minimal. I have used this thing for effects live and my VSTi’s live and I have gotten nothing but compliments from everybody

  • Nihilist

    i agree, the buffer load is too high. it should be around 128ms not over 800 to get a simple b4 with compressor to stop buffer ticking….

    great idea, and i would also be in line to purchase a better version with better audio drivers.

    put the midi and audio selector on the menu bar so you dont need to go to dropdown menu.

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