ToneBuilder Driven Machine Drums 1.5, electronic drum sample library gets major update

ToneBuilder has released version 1.5 of Driven Machine Drums, adding sounds from two modular systems and 6 new drum machines to the electronic drum sample library.

This new expansion contains 2,280+ new sounds, for a total collection of 4,114 samples, organized intelligently to maximize creativity.

The new content is recorded at 24/96 resolution and includes the DMD15 expansion, Hi-Fi 909, and Hi-Fi Miami.

ToneBuilder Driven Machine DrumsDriven Machine Drums now includes sounds from 2 modular synths + 6 new drum machines.

Driven Machine Drums v1.5 features

  • Includes DMD 1.5 (original Driven Machine Drums content + update), Hi-Fi 909 (Roland TR-909), and Hi-Fi Miami (Acidlab Miami).
  • Gear used to create the new samples includes Euro Modular (Cwejman, Wiard, MOTM, MakeNoise+), Serge Modular, Acidlabs Miami, Roland TR-909, Jomox MBrane 11, Drumfire DF500, Simmons SDS-1000, MFB-503, Elektron Monomachine, Dynacord VRS-23, Avedis E-27, TK-BC1, Valley People Dynamite, Empirical Labs Distressor, CDSoundMaster Source + w/ 1959 Valvo Tubes, Anamod ATS-1, Thermionic Culture Vulture, Atlas Pro Juggernaut Twin, Schippman Ebbe und Flut.
  • Available in 24-Bit Wav, 24-Bit Aif, Kontakt (3.0+), EXS-24, 16-Bit Dithered Wav (for classic hardware samplers).

Driven Machine Drums is available to purchase for $77 USD. A “Deluxe” version is available for Kontakt and EXS24 for $87 USD.

More information: Driven Machine Drums

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  • Morpion

    Hey Ronnie –

    I don’t suppose you’ve got any idea about how this update is being presented to people who already own the library? I bought DMD shortly after I read about it on here a few months ago, and I’ve had no email or anything about this update. I’ve actually emailed Nathaniel twice now, without getting any response.

    I’m sure anyone who bought DMD before this update is going to feel a bit ripped off if we end up with about 2200 samples less than someone who could buy it today for the same price…

  • The update is free for previous customers. I know some other people also didn’t receive the update, and I also know that Nathaniel was having some personal things keeping him from getting online and responding to emails.

    I emailed him a couple of days ago myself and have not received a reply yet so I’m kind of worried that his situation has not yet improved.

    By the way, Nathaniel has been very generous with this and previous updates, adding much content to a library that was already well worth the price. He’s a good guy and I’m sure he will fix things for you once he finds the time to work through his emails.

  • @Morpion, got a response from Nathaniel. He should be contacting you shortly.

    Emails were sent out to all previous customers but of course it not unlikely some emails get lost.

    The update is not free as I wrote earlier, but a very reasonable $27 USD for all formats. Another update to DMD is in the works, this one will be free for DMD v1.5 customers.

  • Morpion

    Cheers for the info Ronnie; I hope Nathaniel’s situation is nothing serious. As much as I can’t argue that $27 is a reasonable price to ask for the extra content and I can’t argue that he has been very generous with his previous updates, I can’t but feel like we’re being penalised for supporting this product early on. If I bought the 1.5 version today I would get the entire thing for the same price I bought v.1 for a few months ago. I’m not sure how he can justify charging his existing customers more than the new ones?

    Oh well, he’ll probably see my money anyway because these are excellent samples and I’m a keen supported of smaller, interesting audio projects (this, Twisted Tools etc); I just think that maybe he hasn’t thought this through from an existing customer’s perspective; I’d be interested to know how many email replies he’s received saying a similar thing.

    Having said all that, while I’ve been sitting here, typing this, I’ve just thought of the number of banks and services which will give offers to new customers to entice them in, but not give the same offers to their existing ones. Maybe I should think of it like that… Anyway, I’ll await an email patiently and ask him myself.

  • Charging for updates? It happens all the time with audio software. Existing customers get to pay for the update while new customers simply buy latest version, usually for the same price as the previous version.

    Although upgrades are much less common with sound libraries (an upgrade this big could easily be marketed as a new product at a much higher price), there are always group buys, special promos, regular price reductions, etc. so these “I just bought it last week/month/year for twice the price” type things are bound to happen.

    Don’t forget it’s almost been a year since the initial DMD release already.

  • Morpion

    Of course, you are right. I guess it’s just the fact that it’s a sample library that’s making me look at it differently, although I don’t know why that should make a difference – it’s not like it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to produce a library this large, or of this quality, after all.

    I also can’t believe the first version came out a year ago! It doesn’t seem like that long at all.

    Still no email, but I’ll be buying it when I hear something, no doubt…

  • Cheddar Man

    Hmmm… very interesting! Cakewalk/Roland, just recently sent me an email for a special they were offering to Sonar home studio users [dubbed] loyal home studio customers… where they were offering Sonar 8.5 Studio version for $99 & $149 for the producer version.

    I also have the full Sonar-6 Studio edition upon which, they offer the upgrade to Sonar 8.5 producer version for $200. In order to entice Home studio users to upgrade, they offered a lower place than they charge users of earlier Sonar studio versions to upgrade.

    Some things are just a crap shoot at times. Just imagine people who bought software from a small developer who at some point released said software as freeware even if it was payware a week earlier! That would really blow in contrast!

    Your point is understandable however!

  • Thanks for posting the expansion information Ronnie. I apologize to the community. I’m about 2 weeks behind on emails. I had some unforeseen medical issues arise that ended in an emergency surgery. I’ll be going through the emails and answering them over the next 2 days.

    RE: DMD 1.5 expansion.

    I’m very pleased with the content. The first “experiment” with DMD was combining the versatility of digital synthesis with analog processing. That grew as other machines were added into capturing the warmth of consoles and input stages of compressors.

    DMD 1.5 focuses in on analog drum machines in three parts. Hi-Fi 909 and Hi-Fi Miami offer a more complete collection with each machine being processed uniquely to add new flavors. For instance, Hi-Fi 909 has many samples processed through Buchla style Low Pass Gates to give the impression of Congas and Bongos.

    The modular content is my attempt to design the “ultimate” analog drum synthesizer using high quality components that would be cost prohibitive to produce as a mainstream instrument.

    There will be one more expansion that is included with DMD 1.5. The preliminary research is well underway.

    The ultimate goal is to create and capture something that really can only exist with sampling and computer technology, at least for multiple channels. Unless your name is Hans Zimmer.


    DMD had about 1,650 which I expanded for free with an FX collection and another 144 samples. That collection was sold for $77/87 and the feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive.

    This new content cost a lot of money to research, record, and edit. Probably about $28k. The next planned expansion is in the same ballpark.

    Given that DMD is a limited library, I couldn’t afford to give away the content to previous users for free.

    So, I had two choices. Release it all as DMD2, charging $77/87 for more samples, all at 24/96… at which point the early adopters would be in the same boat as everyone.

    Or, I could offer it to the current users as an expansion for $27. But the only way I can afford to do that is by selling the remaining 330 copies of DMD.

    While releasing DMD2 would’ve been more of a “slam dunk” for recouping costs, I chose to reward the early adopters by hoping to recoup the expenses of the new content by including it within DMD.

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