Toontrack launches Metal Month 2013 new bundles & savings

Toontrack Drum Fundamentals Metal & Rock

Time+Space has announce that Toontrack has kicked off Metal Month 2013 with new bundles and big savings.

It’s back! November, AKA Metal Month, screams in to action with no less than eight new fiercely fantastic rock and metal titles slated for release over the next four weeks.

To kick things off, Time+Space have launched some incredible bundles and special offers to give your Metal and Rock projects a boost of inspiration…

Toontrack Metal Month

  • 50% off Metal EZXs and SDX — Throughout November, you can purchase the following back-catalogue Metal titles for 50% less: Drumkit From Hell EZX, Metalheads EZX, Metal Machine EZX, Rock Solid EZX, The Metal Foundry SDX.
  • NEW! Drum Fundamentals bundles — These bundles include all the tools you need to start forging your next masterpiece! With one bundle designed for Rock and the other for Metal, each collection includes EZdrummer plus 2 EZX expansion packs and three MIDI Packs geared towards each genre.
    During November, each bundle only costs £145.00 / €189.00 – saving 40% compared to individual purchases.

Drum Fundamentals Rock and Drum Fundamentals Metal are both available now from Time+Space.

More information: Time+Space

90% off Audiority Kontakt Total Bundle
  • Hello Ronnie, How are you and your family? It has been quiet a while my friend. Obviously me being me November is by far the best month in the year when it comes to Toontrack plus it is the month I happened to be born too. I’m looking forwards to what is waiting to be unveiled over the month. I have to say the prices for a lot of the Metal and heavier rock orientated spectrum is superb value and The Metal Foundry SDX for £59.95 incl VAT is in my very humble honest opinion an absolute steal. Oh and when in rome what did you or do you make of Carcass’s return earlier this year with ‘Surgical Steel’? I think it is a solid return after so long. One of the best by far though whom pretty much took the baton and released easily one of their best this year are your fellow country men Aborted, I’ve been into them for along time now and wow what a way to get the grind going at the start of 2013. All the best as always to yourself and your family & loved one’s, Wishing you all well.

    Dean and family :)

    PS, Just in case you haven’t had a listen to Global Flatline and it being metal month for your ease of digging it linkage m/

    • Hey Dean, good to hear from you. Let me get back to you by email.

      • Cheers, I’ll reply in depth dude, Really glad to hear you are busy but enjoying it. Speak soon. Nice one

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