Twisted Tools Buffeater, multi-effect for Reaktor

Twisted Tools Buffeater

Twisted Tools has released Buffeater, a real-time, dynamically ordered, granular multi-effect for all versions of Reaktor 5.

The effect works by capturing live audio and storing it in a temporary buffer, which allows for real-time processing of the incoming audio using granular synthesis and other methods.

With Buffeater, you can easily achieve stutters, glitch, beat repeat/juggling and/or chopped and screwed effects.

Buffeater features

  • 6 realtime granular and buffer effects.
  • Playable via MIDI.
  • Advanced internal automation system.
  • Independent automation speed and length per knob.
  • Effect signal flow is dynamically re-ordered as you play.
  • 288 FX Presets and 60 Snapshots (Combos).
  • Kore and Maschine Templates.
  • Time-stretching sample playback system.
  • 346mb Sample Library.
  • Sounds by: c2, Richard Devine, EVAC, Glitchmachines, Josh Hinden, Mike Huckaby, Haptic, Komposit, Rena Jones and Tembu (Bay Dawgz) .
  • Extensive Documentation and Tutorial Video.
  • Free Version Updates.

Buffeater for Reaktor is available to purchase for $49 USD.

More information: Twisted Tools / Buffeater

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  • Initial try-out…killa! It is very responsive and I have yet to hear it (unintentionally) glitch as ‘The Finger’ does when I use it for certain things like ‘prepared synth’, that is having a melodic note stream control both note output of a synth and control the processing of same synth. In that scenario, ‘The Finger’ will generate HUGE pops and I am going to test Buffereater at this today.

    Generally speaking, a wealth of presets and sample ‘loops’ to orientate and learn from before swithing over to ‘live’ audio and as always the case with Twisted Tools, great documentation.

    Will be back after some sessions with it today. Disclosure, I have hired one half of Twisted Tools (Ivor) on numerous occasions for custom commissioned ensembles with 110% satisfaction and am a BIG fan of all his work and work ethics so expect a glowing ‘review’…well ‘comment’ anyway ;-)

  • btw, not sure how clear it is, the order in which you ‘trigger’ or play each effect block reorders the effect chain, such that you can have any effect feed any other effect under realtime control…this is the real power of Buffeater IMHO :D

  • It looks really interesting, will have to give it a go some time soon.

  • Been at it a few hours now…getting some very cool ‘Eno-esque’ groove treatments by ‘phased loop triggering’ of the individual modules and a basic beat (in this case ‘Microtonic’ as my source).

    The ‘Buffeater’ signal is in ‘Gate’ mode and then fed into a master effect (2C Aether/ ‘Resonant FX’ and dubbed back on to original signal…it turns into a nice improv-like sweetener atop the groove. More subtle than a straight out ‘glitch’ attack and nice way to embellish any beat with non-linear ‘ear candy’

  • Well, that day’s session playing around with ‘Buffeater’ wound up being about 18 hours! of bouncing experiments and variations so FWIW, here’s a link to one possibility of ‘Buffeater’ application

    Design brief: Each track= One drum machine playing a single 8 bar loop (Sonic Charge’s Microtonic) with ALL variations created by effects alone via…

    Twisted Tool’s ‘Buffeater’ > 2C Audio’s ‘Aether’. About half the tracks have additional ‘color’ provided by Kore Soundpack ‘Deep Freq’ running as a ‘ghost track (i.e. in parallel) with original signal alongside and separate from ‘Buffeater/Aether’ output bus.

    The triggering of ‘Buffeater’s’ effects was accomplished through 6 tracks of ‘phasing loops’ for an ordered but constantly changing relationship between effects routing and timing. No other additional parts apart from above were dubbed in, just a drum machine and some creative effects jamming away ala ‘virtual laminal systems theory’

    As always, all tracks are free for anyone to use per Creative Commons Non-Commercial License (you may copy, distribute, display, and perform with this work — and derivative works based upon it — but for non-commercial purposes only)

  • Some very nice sounds, thanks for sharing the samples.

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