u-he teases Dark Zebra – Custom Zebra with sounds from Hans Zimmer’s Dark Knight soundtracks

u-he has posted a screenshot of the “Dark Zebra”, a collection of 400 Zebra patches from Hans Zimmer’s Dark Knight soundtracks, bundled with a customized version of the Zebra software synthesizer.

Dark Zebra screenshotTeaser screenshot of the upcoming custom Zebra that comes with sounds from Hans Zimmer.
Dark Zebra screenshotThe above shots reveals that filters from u-he virtual analog DIVA are now in Zebra.

Urs Heckmann writes:

Second image shows Diva filters in this pimped version. All parameters are visible, even if a specific filter type does not use them. As I said, it’s provisionary.

As for the soundset, it really is very special. Loads of cinematic effects and ambiences, many instruments that need to be discovered to be fully exploited – which will be ultimately rewarding!

Everyone, set up a knob on your controller keyboard that sends CC#2 for Breath Control, because this is used extensively in many patches.

Howie through in a few refined drafts so we reach 400.

The Dark Zebra is scheduled for release on Monday, July 23rd.

More information: u-he

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This should be great! :) Can’t wait to check it out!


I think many people are wishing for a swift weekend for a chance ;-)

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