Ummet Ozcan releases Genesis Prototype

Ummet Ozcan Genesis

Ummet Ozcan has released a prototype version of Genesis, a powerful synth built with SynthEdit.

Genesis features

  • 2 Unison Oscillators with seperate controls.
  • playing up to 44 voices per key, 176 voices simultaneously (max 4 poly).
  • Voice divide mode seperating the total used voices in 2 so you can play with double layers.
  • 2 Filters for each oscillator one with seperated controls, LP,HP,BP,PHS.
  • 3 x ADSR 1th for osc 1, 2nd for osc 2, 3th assignable.
  • Built in FX: Delay, Reverb, Chorus/Chrusher, Phaser, Simple Distortion.
  • Filter controlled sequencer/Gater to create simple but powerfull seq’s.
  • 2 Lfo’s assignable to different destinations.
  • Fm function.

The final version should be available later this year.

Visit Ummet Ozcan for more information and a link to download the prototype of Genesis.

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  • Sarah

    website and download links are down

    anyone know where to get this ?


  • I think the website had a promo video for the upcoming Genesis CM edition. Perhaps it ate the bandwidth…

    Can’t find a download link anywhere else, just a rapidshare link but that might be the full version.

  • joe
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