VertexDSP updates FaderWorks to v1.4

VertexDSP FaderWorks

VertexDSP has released version 1.4 of FaderWorks, an audio plug-in for multi-instance gain and latency adjustment.

Changes in FaderWorks v1.4

  • MIDI support for exported parameters with sensitivity curves and selectable value ranges.
  • MIDI support for solo/mute/bypass switches.
  • The last page opened in the GUI is now remembered.
  • Support for fxpansion VST-RTAS wrapper.
  • Fixed: Loading of a preset for one instance did not update other instances under certain circumstances.

FaderWorks is available for Windows PC and Mac (VST/AU) and costs 99 EUR / $129 USD. A demo version is available from the VertexDSP downloads page.

Visit VertexDSP for more information.

  • v1.4.1 is released:


    – Changes to the settings of the Plug-In Delay Compensation (PDC) system are now in effect immediately. You no longer need to stop/start audio which makes PDC with FaderWorks much easier to use in hosts with a continuous audio stream like ProTools.
    – The slider position on the PDC page is now remembered.

    Bug Fixes

    – When using FaderWorks with the FXpansion VST-RTAS adapter, ProTools no longer sets default values for shared data of new FaderWorks instances. Previously entered data is now kept and can be modified from new instances.

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