VertexDSP updates MultiInspector to v2.2

VertexDSP MultiInspector v2.0

VertexDSP has released version 2.2 of MultiInspector, a plug-in for simultaneous spectral analysis of several audio signals.

Changes in MultiInspector v2.2

  • The controls area on the right side can now be switched to a name panel for all signals.
  • The memory switches can be used in combination with the alt-key to access a complete row.
  • Pause button added.
  • Additional zoom buttons for setting the level range.
  • The maximum peak hold time has been increased from 5 sec to 20 sec.
  • Measurement of frequency and level by clicking into the frequency display area.

Visit VertexDSP for more information and a link to download a demo of MultiInspector.

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  • MultiInspector was updated to v2.2.1

    – MultiInspector now provides a resizable user interface. For minimal screen usage you can shrink the GUI to only show the frequency display.
    – MultiInspector is now compatible with the FXpansion VST-RTAS adapter for use in ProTools.

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