Waldorf releases Minimal Electro for Largo

Waldorf Minimal Electro Soundset for Largo

Waldorf has announced the release of the Minimal Electro, Holger Steinbrink’s soundset for the Largo synthesizer plug-in for Windows and Mac.

The soundset contains 128 single programs, created especially for the needs of electronic music producers.

It was designed to provide crying leads, pulsating arpeggios and fat bass sounds for todays music production.

The download package contains the soundset as FXB bank as well as all single sounds in FXB and AU preset format. VST3 presets for Steinberg Cubase 4 and 5 are also included plus a documentation sheet.

Minimal Electro for Largo is available from the Waldorf online shop for 30 EUR (includes VAT for EU countries).

More information: Waldorf Shop

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  • mike

    this soundset has nothing to do with “minmal” or “electro”!

    it’s just an average soundset with common sounds…

  • nevermind

    totally agree.

    Does the genre minimal electro even exist, I think not!

  • you just have to listen with the right ears, gentlemen :)

  • Billy

    no, I agree with them. this is a travesty!

  • Paul

    Don`t be stupid!
    Best soundset is your selfmade soundset in context of your own art. All those “super-CD-DVD-mega-sets” is just a tool for newbies and lazy-asses.

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