Wallander Instruments updates WIVI v2

Wallander Instruments WIVI

Wallander Instruments has released an update for WIVI v2.

Updated in WIVI v2

  • Multi-processor bug fixed.
  • Key-switches does not break playing notes.
  • New modes for key-switching: Up & Down.
  • New tuning mode: Smart intonation. This mode uses chord-analysis to do intonation more accurately than equal-tempered (only effective when three or more keys are pressed).

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  • adrian

    its great

  • Updated to v2.0.3

    – Cubase 64-bit support, also with Direct3D and OpenGL.
    – Bug fixed, which on some systems could cause the audio engine to crash when loading presets and instruments.
    – The template library was extended, with scripts for key-switching.

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