Want to overcome your fear of heights?


The Grand Canyon glass Skywalk has opened! The Skywalk is rising 4,000ft (1,220m) from the canyon’s floor and 70ft (20m) beyond its rim. Maybe not the best place to try to overcome your fear of heights…

Grand Canyon SkywalkGrand Canyon Skywalk height compared to some of the tallest buildings in the world

When I first saw an image of this thing I thought it was a fake, it looks quite surreal (I don’t think I’m the only one who thought it wasn’t real…)

I don’t have a huge fear of heights, but looking at this skywalk doesn’t make me want to visit this site any time soon…

More details on the Grand Canyon Skywalk at BBC news and the official site.

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  • gene odear

    I think this would be awesome, grand canyon has always been my favorite destinations. Being 75 & not asble to drive its unlikely i’ll ever get back there again. What a feat!

  • Jacquelyn Van Coppernoll

    My Aunt and I were on our way to the SKYWALK one afternoon on good pavement, when halfway there, we ran onto the worst dirt road I have ever been on. Around a corner we even came upon an accident. Problem being-it was so dusty and the washboard bumps were so ruff, so it didn’t surprise me. I had even lost a hubcap. And it took forever to get to the airport. There waited a man who informed me I had to go back and drop my dogs off at a kennel. Number one, I didn’t wont to drive all that way back over rough road when it was seventy degrees. I informed the men-my dogs were fine and that they were desert dogs who were used of 115 degrees. After all we went through to get there, we find out we have to pay for a kennel plus a shuttle to beable to get anywhere near the rim of the canyon. My Aunt and I had feelings of entrapment. Now I ask you, why wasn’t there a sign at the beginning of the road, that explained the situations, and the cost involved??

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