Will Cady demos Source Audio Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter


Bill Cady of Source Audio wrote in to let us know about this video showcasing the Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter, an effect pedal featuring 22 different envelope filter effects.

Bass Effects Video Song – “Slurple Gurp” by Will Cady

The Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter is available to purchase from various retailers, priced at $219 USD.

More information: Source Audio

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  • Chad Kroeger

    Only thing this video is showcasing is poor songwriting and one multiplied wanna-be hipster.

  • Really? I thought it was pretty cool. What about the BEF Pro though, looks like a great piece of gear no?

  • Chad Kroeger Jr.

    … pretending really hard he’s in the groove zone. Sad.

  • Chad Kroeger Sr. & Jr.

    1) Ronnie, I see a pattern emerging. Whenever I write negative comment (which is appropriate for my spiteful personality), you quickly stand by the post I’m criticizing and defend it. If you REALLY thought this video is anywhere near “cool”, I can’t help. My guess is you’re just being all-around nice fellow not wanting to diss anyone.

    2) BEF Pro is just a colorful toy.

    • 1) I just don’t get comments like the ones in this post. You often seem to criticize in an offensive manner, judgmental and presumptuous. If this fits your spiteful personality, then I guess you know why I respond the way I do.

      2) Colorful sure, I think it’s more than a toy. I’m curious though, why do you classify it as a toy?

      • Chad Kroeger Sr. & Jr.

        1) If someone makes a video which should showcase capabilities of software/hardware, but provides only this guy clowning around, banging his head like geriatric rock star, pretending he’s playing bass while it’s obviously (poorly) sequenced and chopped mess, with more effort that went into his shirt selection and buffalo hat than any meaningful demonstration, then sorry if I sound judgmental and presumptuous.

        When you see animal lying in the middle of road and presume it’s dead, but later find out it was just chillin, were you presumptuous or reasonable?

        2) If this is the best sound demo they came up with…

        • Thanks for clarifying, I see.
          Perhaps this is more convincing? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HggWSiVgnGc

          • Chad Kroeger Sr. & Jr.

            Much better and more informative, and you see, I CAN be affirmative.

        • Will Cady

          geriatric? I thought I’d have at least ten years before being dissed with that word…

          I’m not one for Internet comment wars because I know you can’t please everyone. I just feel the need to defend myself one one issue:

          All the bass lines are genuine takes and not sequenced. What you see in the video itself is a reproduction of the performances because we were having fun with the tune.

          • Chad Kroeger Sr. & Jr.

            First, I would like to recommend that you seek deep inside and find your inner artist wherever he’s hiding, then listen to what he has to say. After you do that you’ll find zen balance with yourself and stop trying to imitate other people’s notion of how should bass player perform like. You’ll be able to perform equally brilliant with or without a buffalo hat.

            Second, I didn’t mean that each note in the video was sequenced. I meant that there are obvious loops and strong quantization feel from effects, you can wind a watch by tempo. Next time when you’re making a demo for a product that costs $219, hire someone who can play bass and producer who can make it listenable.

            Last, I totally got your joke that “you thought you have at least ten years before being geriatric”. Oh, those were the best of times, I had massive lolgasm!! It also shows how you’re above it all, not hating anyone, making a self-referential joke… in hindsight, I’m really sorry and humbled I made that remark.

            Now let me enjoy again your funkadelicious song.

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