World’s Smallest Cars


Dark Roasted Blend has posted a collection of the World’s Smallest Cars.

Peel MicrocarsSmallest ever car to go into mass production was the fascinating “Peel” P50 car (you could almost carry it as a suitcase) – Image by Chris Littler.

From the post:

A product of traffic & parking problems in high-density urban areas, small cars have a lot of redeeming qualities. They are endlessly practical, often cute and mostly easy on your wallet. While you’d need to sacrifice much of your space and comforts, you’ll have a reward of being considered ecologically & street “smart”. Some of the models can go 40 km per liter (100 miles per gallon), which is advertised as “almost cheaper than walking”.

Check the Dark Roasted Blend article for more images of (mostly vintage) small cars. (Make sure to click on the images for larger versions and links to websites with more models).

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