Wusik updates Wusikstation to v5.6.2

Wusik Wusikstation v5

Wusik has released version 5.6.2 of Wusikstation, a hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler VST instrument for Windows PC.

Changes in Wusikstation v5.6.2

  • Added SFZ support including drag-and-drop. Loads WAV Sample, Key Zones, Velocity Zones, Key-Root, Group-Settings, Pan, Fine-Tuning, Choke-Groups and Default-Path. All the rest gets ignored and should be saved with the WusikPRST file instead. It doesn’t support disk-streaming for SFZ files, and no compressed (ogg) files either.
  • Preset Comments Option added.
  • Improved “Missing sounds” warning message.
  • New multi-line editor for the Library Link comments.
  • New option on the File-Browser->Options->Other Options: Show Preset Comments – Enabled/Disabled.
  • Changed: Master Limiter and Fade-Sound are now Global and saved in the wIni file.
  • Changed: When using the Groove-Box, the whole preset BPM will sync to the Groove-Box parameters.
  • Fixed problem with one-shot samples and the W1/W2 layers. (EG: Drumatoxin presets)
  • Fixed problem with Fix-Broken-Sound-Links and older presets.
  • Fixed a problem with single-shot WAV files.
  • Fixed a problem with loading presets quickly. (related to the GrooveBox, even with presets that doesn’t use it)

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