Wusikstation presets by Teksonik

Wusikstation v3 (Asseca Cream skin)

Teksonik has created a bunch of presets for Wusikstation.

One set (28 presets) is done using “only” the 2Gig collection included with the recent Wusikstation product. Another set (19 presets) uses soundsets from Teksonik’s collection which includeds TSW, Vox’d etc.

All the presets were programmed at 140bpm, which doesn’t mean you can’t use another bpm, but they probably sound best around their original bpm.

Presets include one finger movie scores, wave sequences, synths, a layered piano using the HQ piano set and more.

Note: if you don’t have certain soundsets you might encounter some error messages, or Wusikstation loads presets without all programmed samples.

You can download the presets here (43kb).

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