xoxos releases Horizon

xoxos Horizon

xoxos has released Horizon, a virtual instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

Horizon combines lush stereo unison voicing with a phrase sequencer that stays in key when the sequence is transposed.

This simple format makes Horizon ideal for lead sounds in dance and other styles. The oscillators are also suitable for producing panoramic pads, before any stereo effects are applied to the signal.

Horizon features

  • 2 x 32 voice oscillators with five stereo algorithms.
  • 10 oscillator waveforms including 4 modulating contours (sine, saw, ramp, peak, triangle, square, curve, pulse-saw, sine-saw, res).
  • noise oscillator.
  • per voice prefilter distortion with 6 modes.
  • 2 stereo 6 pole filters run in serial or parallel.
  • 3 tempo syncable LFOs (sine, triangle, ramp, saw, square, dip, hump, 4 curve modes, step rnd, smooth rnd).
  • 3 envelopes.
  • 9 modular destinations.
  • 8 step phrase sequencer which transposes to user input scale.

Horizon is available for purchase for $25 USD. A demo version (limited to two voice polyphony) is available for download here.

Visit xoxos for more information.

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  • John Galt

    Ronnie, welcome back! Did your blog run away from home? Mine did, and I still haven’t found it. I hate when that happens. lol.

    But seriously, were you attempting to switch hosting companies or did your current host just bollocks things up?

    Either way, nice to have you back.

  • First I was told I needed to move to a different server due to performance issues. Then they told me it was actually my site that was taking up too many resources thus causing the problems. Some optimization was done but the next day the domain got throttled to the point where I had pretty much no service. The next few days I just had to wait for the transfer to take place and I lost access to my email in the end as well. All at the current host.

    It’s one of those things you know can happen because of the hosting plan you’re on, but you always hope it won’t happen to you.

    rekkerd.org doesn’t get enough income to justify premium hosting service so I have to find the balance between cost and acceptable downtime risk. I should have unlimited bandwidth now, but of course that doesn’t guarantee anything either. Hopefully the new situation will be stable.

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