xoxos releases Piamo

xoxos has released Piamo, an elementarily modeled virtual piano, providing variable performance timbrality in a gentle emulation leant to abstraction.

“What would a simple physically modeled piano sound like?”

Piamo (“I love Pi”) provides the performance benefits of modeling in a low computational form.

The fundamental elements of the piano are modeled to create a timbrally expressive instrument less convincing than the excellent commercial emulations.

xoxos Piamoxoxos Piamo

Piamo is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC. It is included with Pling3.
A functional demo is can be downloaded here (limited to three voices of polyphony, the full version is distributed with 8 voices).

Visit xoxos for more information and a demo mp3.

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  • Man, I’m having all kinds of problems getting my comments to show up on blogs over the last couple of days.

    Anyway, just saying that the mp3 example was really promising, and that the elements of physical modeling PDF on the site was complex but interesting. Might be a good resource for any plugin programmers looking to do similar projects.

  • xoxos is the man when it comes to physical modeling. He’s done some great percussion synths as well, make sure to check them.

    Are you having problems getting comments posted on this site as well, and if so, what happens?

  • l1k337

    “What would a simple physically modeled piano sound like?”

    They all sound like crap when compare to samples. I hate pianoteq and especially despise truepianos. All they’re good for is getting buried in the mix of some noise filled pop song. Using these for solo classical piano is simply painful to listen to. Give me a good sample lib of a bosendorfer 290 or 275 and it blows any type of synthesized piano out of the water. It’s not even remotely close.

  • l1k337

    “Man, I’m having all kinds of problems getting my comments to show up on blogs over the last couple of days.”

    Probably because they hate to get spammed by idiots like you.

  • @l1k337 please behave okay? thanks!


    I encourage everyone to download the MP3 of Piamo – if you want a good laugh. I don’t know what’s he’s modeling, but it certainly isn’t a piano. Each note sounds like an acoustic bass and an acoustic guitar triggered simultaneously and then run thru some filter to give it a synth like sound, and then some chorus/echo like effect applied. When it comes to piano modeling Piamo is a TOTAL FAILURE. It sounds so bad and poorly developed that even standalone it sounds horrible: weak, thin, with more emphasis placed on the noise associated with the note than the note itself. The pièce de résistance is that it’s only 8 note polyphony. LMFAO!!! I guess he lives in the cartoon universe where people only have 3 fingers on each hand. LOL


    “xoxos is the man when it comes to physical modeling.”

    You should reserve such praise for someone who actually deserves it, not this hack. This is synthedit garbage at its worst. Whoever is “the man” of physical modeling can code in C & C++, not some click and code joke like synthedit. There’s an old saying, “no real programmer codes in BASIC past the age of 12,” and synthedit is the equivalent of BASIC in the VST world. On 2nd thought, this is a slur on BASIC, since sythnedit is much worse than BASIC.

  • I don’t think you understand what Piamo is supposed to be, nor do you seem to know much about xoxos’ work.

    Although he does use SynthEdit, he also codes his own custom modules, yes in C++

  • sergei

    I not know program. I not know what Piamo supposed to be. I know sound bad.

    All xoxos VST sound bad. целый дерьмо. You show one good VST xoxos make. нуль. Can not show.

    Sorry for bad English.

  • Your English is fine Sergei, it’s your Russian that stinks ^_^

    I personally like pretty much everything xoxos ever did. A lot of his work is quite experimental and although I wouldn’t say I have use for most of them, I wouldn’t call them bad either.

    I haven’t seen anybody do something like his “sounds of nature” and “fauna” plug-ins, and the cylinder33, snare and mass-springs models sound very nice to me.

    Not saying that All xoxos VST sound bad isn’t true for you. I can totally understand if you don’t like the way his plug-ins sound.


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