zplane updates PPMulator+ to v2.11.1

zplane development PPMulator+

zplane has released version 2.11.1 of PPmulator+, a cross-platform plug-in meter for digital audio workstations which exactly mimics the look and feel of a professional broadcast Peak Program Meter (PPM).

By adding this plugin to the master output of your audio editing program, you can record, edit, mix and export your audio within a precisely-calibrated workspace – something which is often impossible to do when working in a non-studio environment.

Changes in PPMulator+ v2.11.1

  • (Win) Make sure to install the latest VC++2005 Redistributable, it’s part of the new installer.
  • (Win) Fixed: the ASIO Bug of the PPM+ standalone app.
  • (Win) Fixed: the non-visibility on some systems of the VST plugin version.
  • (Mac) Fixed: failure in the AU validation.
  • (Mac) Better support for PowerPC.

PPMulator+ is available for PC and Mac, priced at $99 USD / 79 EUR.

More information: zplane / PPMulator+

Producers Choice
  • PPMulator+ was updated to version 2.11.3:
    – New: Goniometer feature.
    – New: Test tone of 997 Hz available.
    – (Win) Plug-in loads now in Wavelab 6, Nuendo, Sony Vegas 9.
    – (Mac) Plug-in loads now in Nuendo 4.

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