1208 Audio has announced the release of a new plugin suite featuring two 7-band proportional Q equalizers. Detroit EQs aims to capture the classic Motown vibe.

Together, the Music & Cinema EQ’s provide 14 bands of classic tone shaping. The 40+ included presets are a great jumping off point to start dialing in your sound.

Detroit EQs features

  • Two 7-band proportional equalizers.
  • Output gain control.
  • Gentle saturation.
  • Phase control.
  • Control reset button.
  • Windows 64-bit VST2 & VST3 plugins.
  • Demo version: occasional short noise.

The plugin suite is priced $19.99 USD.

Also available for the same price is Presence EQs, a bundle of 3 treble equalizers based on a renowned London studio setup used since the 1960’s. The plugins offer easy to dial in sweet high end boost & cuts.

Additionally, 1208 Audio has recently released an update to Reviber, a plugin that adds shine and thickness to your tracks or buses. Reviber 2 features variable compressor attack and release settings, parallel compressor processing, Mid/Side gain control, and -12dB VU input/output metering. Previously free, version 2 of the plugin costs $9.99 USD.

More information: 1208 Audio