1208 Audio Plugins has announced the release of its SBC Compressor, a versatile all-purpose compressor effect plugin for Windows.

1208 Audio SBC Compressor.png

The SBC Compressor offers both feedforward and feedback compression models.

SBC Compressor features

  • RMS & Peak Detection.
  • Soft or Hard Knee.
  • Parallel Compression.
  • Internal Sidechain HP Filter.
  • VU Metering with Clip Indicator.
  • Windows 64 Bit VST2 & VST3 Plugin.

The plugin is available for $7.99 USD.

1208 Audio has also recently updated the SCS Channel (2.0.6), TEQ Tilt EQ (1.0.3) and GEQ Graphic EQ (1.5).

More information: 1208 Audio Plugins