123creative Dreamscape

123creative has announced the release of Dreamscape, a soundset for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Dreamscape contains 148 presets ranging from lush and smooth pads to dirty screaming basses and otherworldly plucks and atmospheres. The set consists out of 71 main presets and 77 variations, these variations have different macro knob settings mostly resulting in radically different sounds.

It’s highly usable for a wide range of music styles including: ambient, chill out, lounge, filmscore, electronica or even dance, trance, house and dubstep.

All presets have all 8 macro knobs assigned to the most useful parameters, allowing you to completely shape the sounds to your liking with very little effort.

The soundset costs 12.95 EUR.

More information: 123Creative / Dreamscape