123Creative Psytrance Bundle

123Creative has announced the release of the Psytrance Bundle, comprising the Psytrance Bass X1 synthesizer plug-in and the Psytrance Drum Kit 1 sample pack.

PSYTRANCE BASS X1 is VSTi bassline synthesizer that allows you to create perfect sounding bass within one minute. While very simple synthesizer, it allows you to create hundreds of different sounding basslines thanks to 4 oscillators, phase knob, osc saturation, 4 different low pass filters and more.

PSYTRANCE DRUM KIT 1 completing a wide variety of material to work with not only in psytrance but many other genres such as psytrance, fullon, progressive, dark, chillout or any other electronic dance music.
Sample pack includes Kick drums, Percussions, Hi-hats/Open-hats, Snare drums, Claps, Electronic sounds, hits, FXs, Basses, Blips and clicks.

The bundle is available for the introductory price of 19.99 EUR (regular 32.90 EUR).

More information: 123Creative / Psytrance Bundle