123Creative has announced the release of Epralux POD4500, a particle octaved delay effect plug-in for Windows.

123Creative Epralux POD4500

POD4500 is not delay like you know, it is something totally different. If you like progressive music genres like experimental, minimal, glitch, nu skool dnb, electrohouse, psytrance, chillout or if you are seeking for new original sound don’t waste your time and try DEMO of POD4500.

Epralux POD4500 features

  • Particle octave module with +1 octave up and -1 octave down amount knob.
  • BPM synchronized delay with pan/spatial processing, and “antirythm” function for rhythmical distortions.
  • multimode filter (low pass, band pass, high pass) for filtering delayed signal + LFO modulation (sine, saw, triangle, square) + distortion.
  • modulation unit with rated, depth, pre-delay, feed and mix knobs.
  • Preset manager with 32 fine-tuned presets.

Epralux POD4500 for Windows (VST) is available for purchase for 22 EUR.

More information: 123Creative / Epralux POD4500