SampleScience has announced the release of the 1960s Drums sample pack, a collection of acoustic drum loops for funk, soul, swing, and heavy rock music productions.

The drums were recorded to tape using the miking methods of the sixties.

Recorded on magnetic tape for that extra vintage flavor, 1960s Drums has been recorded using the same drum miking methods used in the sixties. Even better, the sample pack features drum loops in a wide range of tempos going from 60bpm to 260bpm and high-definition drum one-shots for your sampler!

The royalty free sample pack includes 337 drum loops and 125 one-shot samples in 24-bit/48 kHz audio quality. Wav and REX2 formats are included.

1960s Drums is available for $1 USD (or more if you like).

More information: SampleScience