2B Played Music has announced the release of 2B Clipped XT, an extreme powerful distortion/clipping plugin created with producers of the harder styles of dance music in mind.

When creating the factory presets we focused on creating great starting points for Hardstyle and Rawstyle kicks. With this, the plug-in comes into its own with all its possibilities.

We were determined to take a different approach to our plug-in than what is already on the market. In addition, we really wanted to give our plug-in its own sound. Fortunately, all of that worked. We have created an advanced filter and distortion / clipping system with the most anticipated options in it as well as some unique options such as our “SYM Boost” technology. We have also expanded our plug-in with our vision of how such a plug-in should be.

That means we’ve done our best to reduce the number of steps it takes a producer to create an advanced distorted signal (When creating Hardstyle or Rawstyle kicks as example).

2B Clipped XT features

  • Low and High Pass Filter.
  • Resonance Control.
  • 4 Filter Types.
  • HQ Peak Filter.
  • Peak Q-Factor Control.
  • Input Control.
  • Distortion Control.
  • Distortion Boost.
  • 3 HQ Distortion Types.
  • Dry / Wet Control.
  • High Shelving EQ.
  • ADSR Control.
  • Symmetry Control – A-Symmetrical Distortion.
  • Symmetry Boost – ‘SYM Boost’ Technology.
  • Advanced Waveshaper.
  • Clip Control.
  • LP Output Filter, DC Filter.
  • Gain Control.

Available in VST/VST3 and AU formats for Windows and Mac, the plugin is priced 19.99 EUR. Use coupon code 2BCLIPPEDXT at the checkout to receive a 20% discount until October 25th, 2020.

More information: 2B Played Music

2B Clipped XT