2B Played Music has released two new audio plugins in its QFX One series of single-know effects.

QFX Echo transforms your tracks effortlessly with professional-quality delay effects.

Customize delay times for the left and right channels and apply a high-pass filter to suit any audio material, from vocals to synths. Experience how easy it is to achieve awsome delay effects with just one knob.

QFX Pulse ignites your music with dynamic rhythm, offering pulse, stutter, gate, and pump-like effects in a simple one-knob interface.

Choose from versatile timing options and craft unique rhythmic effects that enhance your sound with ease.

Regularly priced 17 EUR (ex. VAT) each, the plugins are on sale at a 40% introduction discount until June 30th, 2024. Available in VST3 and AU formats for Windows and Mac, the new plugins are also included in the QFX One Series Bundle.

More information: 2B Played Music