2B Played Music has announced updates to its 2B Controlled dynamic stereo and mid/side frequency processor for Windows and Mac.

2B Controlled is built to help you enhance your track/kick low end and mid/side frequencies, control and enhance stereo frequencies, enhance vocals/drums/bass, high pass track parts while keeping them strong, and control your master stereo/mid or side frequencies.

Changes in 2B Controlled v2.0

  • New modern interactive design.
  • Improved filter processing.
  • Bypass added.
  • Limiter added.
  • Oversampling added.
  • Added VST3 for macOS.
  • Apple Silicon support.

The LowEnd Friend mixing and mastering tool for controlling low frequencies was updated to version 1.1 to take advantage of improved filter processing. The update also includes VST3 for macOS and support for Apple Silicon.

Both plugins are on sale at 40% off the regular price as part of a Summer Sale, in which you can get discounts of up to 70% on all plugins and bundles until July 22nd, 2022.

More information: 2B Played Music