2CAudio has announced the release of Vector, a free spatial image analysis tool that helps producers and engineers make more informed decisions during mixing and mastering.

2CAudio Vector

Vector helps users to detect and avoid spatial threats such as extreme anti-phase while avoiding false positives that are sometimes given by other tools.

It allows users to confidently expand their mix in any spatial direction with advanced psychoacoustic spatialization tools such as 2CAudio’s Precedence 1.5 and PBJ System, while also maintaining awareness of mono-compatibility for legacy playback.

Vector displays a large Lissajous phase-meter together with long-term average level, phase, and panning meters. It also displays large numerical values for the long term averages together with more instantaneous readouts to quickly give you a full and accurate picture of exactly what is happening in your mix spatially.

Vector is available to download in VST, AU and AAX plugin formats as a free gift to the audio community. It is part of 2CAudio’s Winter Holiday promotion, in which you can save 40% on plugins and bundles.

More information: 2CAudio

2CAudio Vector white
2CAudio Vector red