2getheraudio has announced the release of three new oscillators for the Korg multi-engine in the Prologue, Minilogue XD and NTS-1 synthesizers.

2getheraudio Korg oscillators

Korg’s “multi-engine” is what powers their super popular Prologue, Minilogue XD and NTS-1 hardware synthesizers. One reason they are so popular is you can download and install new oscillators and effects right into the hardware. Like a plugin, this immediately adds a ton of new sonic possibilities for your music.

The following multi-engine products are now available:

  • Wavesweep Oscillator: Reshape, loop and manipulate 90+ wavetables in any order with hands on control. If you like evolving timbres, wave sequencing, or pads that move, this one’s for you.
  • Tarabbia Oscillator: Straight out of our popular Cheeze Machine soft synths, this oscillator is all about getting super thick, lush sounds without using up your polyphony. Great for super thick mono basses and leads or big stacked chords.
  • Supersaw Oscillator: Seven carefully tuned sawtooths and a morphing filter that result in some serious sonic edge. Fantastic for leads and basses, but throw a modulating filter on top and any sound you can imagine is possible.

The oscillator packs are available as “choose your price” downloads with a minimum of $10 USD.

More information: 2getheraudio