2getheraudio has announced an update to the OpZilla virtual FM synthesizer instrument.

2getheraudio OpZilla FM Synth

Meet OpZilla. An FM synthesizer that towers over the competition. Let’s start with its 64 4-operator algorithms and 16 waveforms per operator. This alone yields a huge variety of sonic possibilities for your music. But we didn’t stop there. Loopable envelopes, built-in effects, and sampled attacks add to its sonic bite. It’s a beast of an FM synth, but don’t worry, we’ve included factory presets from some of the industry’s best FM programmers so all you have to do is load it up, select your sound, and start playing.

Changes in OpZilla v1.1.0

  • Individual operator and LFO bypass (click the OP and LFO labels to mute and unmute).
  • Previous and next arrows for selecting operators and LFO shapes.
  • Velocity curve editing.
  • One-shot mode for LFOs so the LFO goes through 1 cycle and then stops. Use this to make a pitch ramp for example. (note: this function only works for retrigger LFOs).
  • Fade-in option for LFOs (note: this function only works for retrigger LFOs).

OpZilla is free to try and a license is available starting from $10 USD. The synth comes in VST, AU and AAX plugin formats and standalone software for Windows and Mac.

More information: 2getheraudio