2MGT/Metamusic Generative Tools has announced the release of Nasca, a standalone software application for Windows that employs wavetable/granular/sample-based synthesis in two separate and programmable layers.

Each of the layers features extensive FX, modulation matrix, chord sequencer and two arpeggiator modules which provide maximum control over sound creation.

With the built-in 16steps Chord Sequencer and two Arpeggiators, long evolving ambient and atmospheric sounds can be created. Also, the Sequencer and Arpeggiators allows for more rhythmic based compositions or patches as well. It is possible to create an entire composition just by creating many layers.

A joystick gamepad can be used to control some of Nasca’s parameters in real-time, allowing you to control chords, launch layers A and B separately, adjust the volume and mixing of layers, as well as modulate some parameters in the Mod Matrix.

Nasca is free to download for Windows. The free version has some limitations, while those who support 2MGT with a donation get a version with additional features such as a Play On-Off Timer, save/load of additional files (chords, patterns, FXs), and a library of additional files.

More information: 2MGT/Metamusic Generative Tools