2nd Sense Audio has released ParamLink, a plugin that helps you make parameter connections between two tracks and saves your automation drawing.

For example, a user can set the volume in one ParamLink plug-in to follow the change of another ParamLink plug-in’s volume. And a user can define their relationship: following by the same value, following by a scaled value, or following by its reversed value.

For example, a user wants track A to follow the same volume envelope/changing trend of track B’s volume, they insert two ParamLink plug-in instances on these two tracks and let track A’s volume parameter in its ParamLink plug-in to follow the same value of track B’s volume parameter.

If a user wants track A’s volume to drop when track B’s volume is rising, simply set the rule as reverse. They only need to define track B’s volume behavior, and track A’s corresponding parameter will follow automatically by the selected rule.

ParamLink is available for purchase for $29 USD. It is also available in the 5 Plugins Bundle for $79 USD, including Mixing Analyzer, Vocal Remover, Engineering Filter and AlgoReverb.

More information: 2nd Sense Audio