2nd Sense Audio has released version 1.1.0 of ReSample, introducing Batch Processing and Normalization to the audio editor software for Windows and Mac.

2nd Sense Audio ReSample batch processing

2nd Sense Audio presents ReSample, a sharpened tool aimed to edit, process and analyze audio, with its distinctive modern UI, powerful built-in processors and MacBook Pro Touch Bar support.

Changes in ReSample v1.1.0

  • New features:
    • New function: Batch (Multi-core supported). ReSample’s Batch allows you to add and configure any Export, Normalize or Processor job.
    • New function: Normalize. It can normalize an entire audio file with removing DC offset option.
    • Amplification processor: Added Link option.
  • Major bug fixes:
    • General: Fixed the “Internet unreachable” issue during Demo verification and Activation on some Mac machines.
    • General: Fixed FLAC audio files writing and reading bugs that could cause crash.
    • General: Significantly improved alert/pop-up window shwoing when reporting errors on Windows, where they used to be hidden behind other windows and block the whole UI.
    • General: Fixed the audio playback issue where a user changes audio settings during playback.
    • General: Refined save/discard ask on quit.
  • Minor bug fixes:
    • General: Fixed potential crash risks in Waveform Overview and Metadata View.
    • General: Fixed UI not updating issue when a file is exported with a different channels setting.
    • General: Fixed playhead input box rounding issue where the last digit might be rounded down.
    • Processor: Fixed Fade and Amplification enablement issue (now only working within selection range).
    • Processor: Fixed potential crash risks in multiple processor UIs.

ReSample is available for purchase for $89 USD. The update is free for all customers.

More information: 2nd Sense Audio / ReSample