Plugin Boutique has launched the exclusive 3-for-15 Plugins Bundle, offering a 76% discount on a collection of 3 audio plugins for the next few weeks.

Instantly expand the scope of your production possibilities with an array of new plugins to add to your repertoire from Caelum Audio, SoundSpot, and denise, now available for one highly-discounted price!

Compression, EQ, and bit crushing – its all covered here in our 3-for-15 Plugins Bundle, available for a limited time only and exclusively through our website!

The bundle includes:

  • Percolate by Soundspot: Extremely tight drum recordings & percussion loops in a matter of a few clicks.
  • Schlap by Caelum Audio: A characterful, colorful and aggressive sounding program-dependent compressor.
  • Bite Harder by Denise: Classic bit crushing features with unique controls to refine or destroy your sound even more.

The offer is valid until April 2nd, 2023.

More information: Plugin Boutique