Hardballs Drum Kit Olan Lorain

Hardballs Records has announced the release of Drum Kit Olan Lorain, a drum kit from its label artist Olan Lorain.

Drum Kit contain 30 drum hits that Olan make and use in his production last couple of years and now you need just skim the cream off. Samples was precisely edited and packed for most popular samplers. Love kicks and clap in this drum kit as much as 80′s toms style, don’t miss sfx at last note… oh, you don’t!

Included NI Kontakt / Kompakt, EXS24 patches and WAV files so you can use it with you favorite DAW like a Logic Pro, Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton Live and any other. All samples are 44.2 kHz, 24-bit, Mono WAV files.

The sample library is a free download at Hardball Records.

Visit Hardballs Records for more information.