3R Audio has announced VSL Performance Tools, a collection of tools for using EXS24 Vienna Symphonic Libraries in Apple’s Logic Pro X.

3R Audio VSL Performance Tools

VSL Performance Tools for Logic Pro X – Articulation Tool.

The VSL Performance Tools let you use all your EXS24 Vienna Symphonic Libraries again directly in Logic Pro X. The bundle includes four scripter midifx plugin tools : Legato, Repetition, Articulation and Multi Instrument Tool.

VSL Performance Tools features

  • Legato Tool — To use with the Perfect Legato Instruments. The script has all options of the original Legato Tool. You can switch between the different mappings of Standard, Horizon and Guitar Instruments and even have repeating notes alternation optionally.
  • Repetition Tool — Use this tool with the Perfect Repetition Instruments. This new version makes repetitions easy and convenient to play as it substitutes the old pattern scheme with a clever random round robin algorithm. Additionally two cycle repetition modes are included.
  • Articulation Tool — This Tool lets you switch between the different articulations of VSL all-instruments. You can switch via keyswitch, controller and programchange messages. The articulations changes can be automated.
  • Multi Instrument Tool — A tool extending the possibilities of the legacy performance tool. A scripted trackstack patch makes it possible to use all kinds of different single vsl instruments in one multi-instrument and switch between them. Besides the normal keyswitch mode there is the new articulation-id mode, letting you even further program or play a different articulation for every single note.

The VSL Performance Tools are available for purchase for 29 EUR.

More information: 3R Audio / VSL Performance Tools