4drX has released LoopRecorder, a live loop/shot recorder and a loop player plugin for Windows and Mac.

4drX LoopRecorder

Place it as insert plugin (VST or AU) anywhere in your mix. Tired of moving the export markers? Trying to record the effect of non-automatable parameters? Just place the cursor where you want to record and press play.

You can set “Auto Save” to record all loops and then choose the best one, drag and drop the recordings or click on “Save” next to the waveform of your last recorded loop. An extra buffer gives you extra time to decide if you want to save or discard your last take.

Finally LoopRecorder keeps your files organized without effort: files are named according to user tags, bars or your host BPM.

LoopRecorder is available for purchase for 19 EUR.

More information: 4drX / LoopRecorder