5Pin Media has released a new sample library that pushes the creative sound design envelope with live performed acoustic and electric piano processed through coveted external boutique effects and outboard gear.

Creative Piano provides producers with a diverse set of sounds ranging from conventional piano to completely warped out textures, pads, atmospheres and everything in-between including LoFi versions.

The concept was to record a live performed piano piece (both audio + MIDI) and then apply the MIDI to a variety of Piano sources followed by extensive signal processing. The results were then arranged into separate project folders where they underwent a selection process and in certain instances further variations/layers were added.

The degree of complexity and variation per project depended on the feel of the piece and variety of sources used. The logic behind this approach was to enable a multitude of tonal possibilities by layering one or more parts. A typical example would be combining one of the “Basic” takes with either an overdriven Binson Delay version or LoFi version that can be blended over time – think of it as having multiple effect sends to hand.

The sample pack is available at Loopmasters, priced £27.95 GBP.

More information: 5Pin Media