5Pin Media has launched a captivating and beguiling collection in collaboration with 24Surex, a professional musician/composer based in Milan who is equally skilled behind the drums as he is with synthesizers and a DAW.

Eclectic Electronica includes 409 loops, 235 one-shots, 300 multi-samples, 23 sampler patches, 8 drum kits, 134 MIDI files and a Live 10 Project featuring 23 full Sampler based Instrument Racks and 8 Drum Racks.

With his many years experience playing live performances with small to big bands both in Italy and abroad, he has covered jazz, avant-garde jazz, post-rock, funk-hop and experimental electroacoustic music. He has also collaborated and performed as a sideman on many a recording. Over time he developed a love for both acoustic and synthetic sound that has led him to experiment with samples and synthesizers composing/producing pieces for local film directors.

Followers of artists such as Fourtet, Bicep, Maribou State, Boards of Canada and Catching Flies will appreciate 24Surex’s eclectic tonal palette which is rich and complex but never crowded. Expect to find a few 3/4 time loops and 4/4 time loops at 6 bars long for some interesting cycles. You will also encounter scales such as Mixolydian, Phrygian, Locrian and Diminished along with the usual Harmonic Major and Minor scales.

Eclectic Electronica is available at Loopmasters for £27.95 GBP.

More information: 5Pin Media