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SampleTekk sale

SampleTekk Sale

  • Blue Grand MkII $23.60 USD (regular $59 USD) – The Blue Grand is the perfect piano when you want something that’s a bit more mellow, old school and ambient sound. The great instrument used for the White Grand and White Sister, a large Malmsjo Grand, a 100 year old beauty, was here used to create their more soft spoken sister.
  • Cin-A, Shaped Grand Piano $19.60 USD (regular $49 USD) – The CIN-A is an acoustic piano, in case it’s two, but made into one. The power and exactness from a large German Grand Piano, blended with the warmth and intimacy of an upright piano. The samples have been processed using some cool vintage outboard and even resampled using a ¼ inch analog tape machine. To add extra warmth and glue everything together.
  • Cin-B, Shaped Grand Piano $19.60 USD (regular $49 USD) – The CIN-B is a hybrid. We took a Grand Piano and morphed in the attack part from a Harpsichord. since the Harpsichord works with plucked strings, and also has a bright, almost brittle timbre, the tone produced in the CIN-B is totally unique. We then layered the sound with a mellotron mixed choir, most prominent in the lower velocities, so when played softly, the choir part is more in front, but when you hit it harder, the choir just gives a slight dreamy mist over the tone.
  • PMI Bosendorfer 290 MkII $31.60 USD (regular $79 USD) – The incomparable Imperial Concert Grand is arguably the finest piano available anywhere today. Acclaimed by the world’s top artists, it’s a joy to hear and play. The Imperial has one of the largest sound boards of any concert instrument, being some 30% larger than most typical recital pianos. No matter how loud it’s played, it responses without loss of sound quality, and there are always great reserves and vast range of tonal colors and expression.
  • PMI The Emperor MkII $31.60 USD (regular $79 USD) – The Emperor is a reproduction of a unique Bösendorfer 290 SE Imperial Grand Piano. The owner achieved to install a very high-tech mechanism in the piano designed by Wayne Stahnke that operates the piano keys and pedals with more than 1.000 steps accuracy and is controlled by a computer system. This allowed me to capture each velocity layer of this perfect instrument with unequalled precision.
  • PMI The Old Lady MkII $31.60 USD (regular $79 USD) – In the PMI Old Lady history and future meet each other and the result is stunning! In 1876 Thedore Steinway achieved to present the world with the first concert grand piano that had a duplex scale, bent rim case, cupola iron frame and a special action to lift enlarged hammers.

The sale ends June 26th, 2015.

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