VST Buzz is offering a 60% discount on the GuitarMonics Bundle, a collection of three Kontakt instrument libraries by SoundCues.

SoundCues GuitarMonics

Ever try to wanted to add beautiful guitar harmonics to a track but couldn’t get them sounding great? “GuitarMonics” solves that problem.

This bundle offers a comprehensive collection (7.4GB) of guitar harmonics of every type, covered by 3 dynamic layers, 5x round robin playback, and 3 pickup selections to alter the tone (electric and bass only) meaning you’ll never have to worry about getting the right harmonics again.

“The Guitarmonics Collection” is the bundle of all three virtual instruments in the GuitarMonics line by SoundCues and includes GuitarMonics Bass, GuitarMonics, Electric and GuitarMonics Acoustic.

GuitarMonics Bundle features

  • 7.4GB in size.
  • Beautiful collection of guitar harmonics from acoustic, bass and electric guitars.
  • Great for writing corporate royalty free music or any style of music.
  • Helps save you time recording guitar harmonics.
  • Larger range of guitar harmonics than you normally get with standard tunings.
  • Incredibly flexible sample libraries which can be combined with amp simulation software (like Guitar Rig or ReValver etc.).

GuitarMonics is available from VST Buzz for £28.99 GBP until September 30th, 2014 (regular £72.48 GBP).

More information: VST Buzz