Fuzzpilz Oatmeal

Like the other bank I did, this preset bank for Fuzzpilz’s Oatmeal was created by hitting the random button and polishing up some of the results.

If you think no good can come from that, just pretend you didn’t read the above and try them any way! (maybe you’ll get a nice opportunity to complain about how you wasted your time on this)

You get 64 presets (well 60 really as some are category indicators) and a warning to use with them caution. Some presets may be loud and although I liked them enough to put them in this bank, they might just sound awful to your ears. Tough luck!

Get the bank here:

 Oatmeal 02 (Download size: 188.92 kB)

update: here’s a 20 second loop (192kpbs/491KB) done with some of these presets (all sounds except the beat are Oatmeal).

Thanks to Fuzzpilz for Oatmeal!