7Aliens has released W2 Harmonizer, a MIDI instrument plug-in for Windows.

7Aliens W2 Harmonizer

7Aliens W2 Harmonizer is a scale based VST Instrument Plug-in MIDI Harmonizer and Scale Viewer that converts single incoming MIDI notes into full chords based on selected scale. Full version contains 91 scales which with 12 semitones makes 1092 scales in total.

W2 Harmonizer features

  • Create new and unique chord progressions.
  • Overcome lack of inspiration / Break composer’s block.
  • Create chord progression without any musical background.
  • View and get scales from 1092 scales database directly in your DAW as VST Plug-in.

W2 Harmonizer is available to purchase as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC for the introductory price of 35 EUR (regular price 45 EUR).

Update: W2 Harmonizer is no longer available. Check out Feelyoursound’s Sundog Song Studio and Plugin Boutique’s Scaler instead.