Waves Audio has published an article in which award-winning TV and film composers Michael Josephs and Nick Murray share some tips for mixing film scores.

Waves 7 shortcuts for film TV score mixing

Tips range from experimenting with the stereo image to layering of the frequency ranges of your percussion, how to make pianos sound more intimate and less MIDI-ish, and more.

These days, when you compose for film, TV, video and games, you often need to mix and even master your tracks on your own. Having the skills to do it all by yourself and meet strict deadlines will give you the edge.

We talked to acclaimed score composers Michael Josephs (Wild Kingdom, National Geographic, PBS) and Nick Murray (CNN’s Pope) for their tips on how to deliver a well-mixed, professional-sounding score to your clients quickly and efficiently.

You can also download Nick Murray’s plugin presets for film and TV scores and get your scores sounding great quickly – even if you consider yourself ‘engineer-challenged.’

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