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808 vs S950: Lofi Drum Machines & Toy Drums 5: Vintage Kits at Prime Loops


Prime Loops has added some more Bullyfinger sample packs to its product catalog.

808 vs S950 features a collection of lo-fi and gritty drum one-shots taken from the Roland TR-808 drum machine and run through the Akai S950 sampler.

Bullyfinger 808 vs S950

What if we took every sound from the world’s most famous drum machine and ran it through our favourite 12-bit sampler?

808 VS S950: Hard, snappy, classic drums sounds with a slightly gritty feel!

808 vs S950 features

  • 17 Cymbal and Hat One-Shots.
  • 13 Kick One-Shots.
  • 10 Mixed One-Shots.
  • 18 Percussion One-Shots.
  • 13 Snare and Clap One-Shots.
  • 15 Tom One-Shots.

The pack is on sale for £3.95 GBP for a limited time (regular £6.95 GBP).

Also available is Toy Drums 5, a fresh batch of 8-bit, crunchy, lofi drum one-shots ready to drag-and-drop into your favorite sampler.

Bullyfinger Toy Drums 5

Another lo-fi, plasticky volume of Toy Drums! For number 5 we dove into some more obscure toy drum machines, home keyboards and vintage drum toys and then recorded them through high-end analog hardware. These are the sounds you’d be blasting when your mom yelled up the stairs about her headache!

Toy Drums 5 features

  • 20 Cymbal One-Shots.
  • 16 Kick One-Shots.
  • 26 Misc. One-Shots.
  • 21 Percussion One-Shots.
  • 19 Snare One-Shots.

Toy Drums Vol. 5 is on sale for £7.95 GBP (regular £14.95 GPB).

For a limited time only, you can use coupon code SPECIAL40 at the checkout get an additional 40% discount on any order at the Prime Loops store.

More information: Prime Loops

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