Function Loops 80's Synth-Pop + Nu-Disco

Reveal Sound has released 80’s Synth-Pop + Nu-Disco, a soundset by Function Loops featuring 55 presets for the Spire synthesizer instrument.

If you’re looking for that classic ’80s vibe, or want to achieve a similar flavor in your modern NuDisco productions, look no further.

With this new preset pack we got you covered! 55 fresh Spire presets, oozing with that warm ’80s vibe and character.

We recreated many of the classic ’80s sounds, from lead sounds of famous ’80s songs and movies, to creamy classic synths – it’s all there.

All of the sounds have MOD controllers, mod-wheel (and often aftertouch) assigned for cool tone shaping and better playability.

80’s Synth-Pop + Nu-Disco features

  • 55 Spire presets (soundbank file).
  • Includes 35 Synths, 10 Bass, 4 Seqs, 6 Pads.

The soundset is available for purchase for $13.90 USD.

More information: Reveal Sound